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apocabigbang's Journal

Apocalyptic Big Bang Challenge
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Banner/artwork by the talented dev_earl.
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Welcome to the Apocalyptic Big Bang Challenge!

The Big Bang challenge originated in the Harry Potter community, and has since migrated to other fandoms - but we here at apocabigbang don't discriminate.

The challenge is for writers to create a 10 000 word (or longer) novella for het, gen, or slash in whatever fandom or crossover they so desire. The catch? Your story has to revolve around the end of the world. This can mean aliens, zombies or just a big ol' explosion. Artists, vidders and/or mixers can also create illustrations, trailers and/or mixes to go with each story.

Important Dates: Round Two
October 3 - November 3: Sign-ups for writers.
October 3 - November 9: Sign-ups for artists/vidders/mixers.
December 31: Halfway check-point.
February 5: Rough drafts are due.
February 8 - 15: Artists/vidders/mixers claim fic summaries.
April 5: Final drafts due from writers.
April 10: Artists/vidders/mixers' submissions due.
April 15: Posting begins.

Feel free to use the above banner to pimp, or choose from any one of the banners here (made by maharet83)!

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