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Friends: The Chain

Title: The Chain
Fandom: Friends (fusion with Stephen King's novel Cell)
Rating: R
Pairings: Joey/Rachel, Monica/Chandler, and Ross/Phoebe (past Ross/Rachel and Phoebe/Mike)
Warnings: death, gore, and a little sex
Word Count: ~60,000
Summary: On October 1, 2006, a mysterious electronic pulse turns everyone who is using a cell phone into mindless killers. Six friends struggle to survive and reunite in the ensuing chaos. As Chandler would say: “Could there be more zombies?” 

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Your Words Just Echo by ishie 

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bookface + mark&wardo + the man behind

won't wake up lonely (the social nerwork; adult; apocafic) (1/2)

title: won't wake up lonely
fandom: the social network
rating: adult
pairing(s): mark zuckerberg/eduardo saverin. chris hughes/dustin moskovitz.
warnings: HIGHLIGHT TO READ character death (none of the facebook four!) ambiguous ending.
word count: 11,308 words
summary: Eduardo never imagined himself forgiving Mark at any point in his future. That was before the Turned and the millions of people falling to death and beyond seemingly by the hour. It's all Eduardo can do to stay alive but when Mark shows up out of the blue, it's a fight for survival but also one to forgive, forget and to try and make something more out of the situation they both find themselves in - and there's something Mark's hiding, something Eduardo isn't sure he really wants to know.

part one | part two

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Sum of their Parts

 Title: Sum of their Parts
Author: hunters_retreat 
Artist: loverstar 
Fandom: 10 Inch Hero/Dark Angel/RPS/Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Jensen/Priestly/Alec
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: moresomes, graphic M/M sex
Word Count: 40,000+
Summary: There were men who stood up in the face of adversity, and there were men who fell.  When humanity fell pray to the men and women taken with psychic powers, The Face stood together, collecting what they could of their kind and trying to make a safe place to live while they continued to fight.  But when word reaches their ears that they could finally save Sam Winchester, it could change the face of the world as they know it.  For better or worse, Dean Winchester will get his brother out, or die trying.  The rest of them... they're just going to try to keep the pieces of humanity together until then.

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ApocaBigBang AU: Waiting in silence for the sky to explode MASTERPOST

Fic Title: Waiting in silence for the sky to explode
Author Name: trinipedia
Amazingly Amazing Artist: deadflowers5 ART MASTERPOST
Beta: xanateria
Genre: AU Slash
Pairing: J2
Rating: R for language and hinted stuff
Word Count: ~ 16k
Summary: Unicorns are as old as the sky, old as the moon; they can be hunted, trapped...they can even be killed, but they don't just vanish. There has never been a time without unicorns, and there never will be; an ominous prophecy passed from mouth to mouth for century connects the disappearance of unicorns with the end of the world as we know it. That's why it's up to the last unicorn there is to embark on a quest to find the others. On his journey, he'll meet friends and foes alike: magicians, witches, kings and bulls. He'll have to be braver and stronger than he has ever been, if he wishes to save not only his species, but all of humanity. And if along the way he'll be forced to learn what love and regret are, well, that's just a small price to pay.

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it’s always ourselves we find in the sea (for whatever we lose, like a you or a me)

Title: it’s always ourselves we find in the sea (for whatever we lose, like a you or a me)
Fandom: American Idol RPF/CW RPF
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Adam Lambert/Kris Allen – Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Word Count: 36,150
Warnings sex, death (no major & only peripheral), overuse of archaic vocabulary
Type: slash
Summary: When the gods foretold the end of Atlantis, it became a race against time to save as many as possible. The choice of who to save fell to A’dam, the prince of the House of Horus.

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dean/ruby // remember

A Twisting Line [Supernatural]

Title: A Twisting Line
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Ruby, Sam
Warnings: AU after Season 3
Word Count: 10,000
Summary: When Dean returns from hell, he has no recollection of how he escaped, and the only living souls in sight are possessed. Sam is seemingly beyond redemption, Ruby is his sole navigator in a changed and barren world, and Dean struggles with his memories of his time in the pit, still unsure of how and why he was brought back. These reasons become irrelevant when Dean comes to the realization that maybe, just maybe, he can still save Sam. That has always been enough.

Luke Rani Clyde

Sarah Jane Adventures: Anything At All

Title: Anything At All
Fandom: Sarah Jane Adventures
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Rani/Luke/Clyde
Warnings: None
Word Count: 11290
Summary: This is the way it happens: one moment the electrical power is working fine; the next moment it's not.
A love story set during the apocalypse, starring a boy genius and his awesome sidekicks, with supporting cast by a depressed supercomputer and a supremely unhelpful Time Lord.

Part one | Part Two | On AO3

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Die guitar

Japanese Zombie Heroez

Title: Japanese Zombie Heroez
Author[s]: cadkitten
Pairing: Die x Kyo, Kaoru x Toshiya
Band: Dir en grey
Rating: 18+
Summary: It's been fourteen days since the outbreak started. Fourteen long and agonizing days in which I have witnessed more death and destruction than I have even seen in the depths of my own mind. Fourteen days since I've been absolutely certain that I will die - that we will all die - and not by my own hand. It's been two entire weeks since I've been running for my life.
Disclaimer: I do not own or represent Dir en grey. I make no money from the writing of this. I do not claim any of this to be truthful.
Warnings: Blood, Death, Gore, Language, Suicide, Zombies, Voyeur, M/M, M/F, Original Character, Anal, Drug use (mild), Angst
Comments: For apocabigbang. 10,000 words or more. Your story has to revolve around the end of the world.
Word Count: 10,188
Beta Readers: gothic_hime

Link to Fic:
Japanese Zombie Heroez

Drawing by reapertownusa
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flight of the conchords: an accidental love story (with bonus zombies)

Title: An Accidental Love Story (with Bonus Zombies)
Fandom: Flight of the Conchords
Rating: light R
Pairing(s): Dave/Murray
Warnings: the end of the world. m/m sexual relationship.
Word Count: 23,478
Summary: Dave has spent his entire friendship with the Conchords pretending to be someone he’s not. Everything is going according to plan until a chemical spill begins to shift the weather patterns, and talk of zombies fills the air. Now, he’s holed up in his apartment with Bret, Jemaine and Murray struggling not to let his false identity crumble with the strain of the oncoming apocalypse. It’s a story of survival, of friendship, and accidental love.

master post | part one | part two | part three

Fanmix: [apocabigbang mix] An Accidental Love Story (With Bonus Zombies) by mumblemutter
liars ► always my favorite.

you've got a bad case of being over there, darling [Fringe/Criminal Minds/Flashforward]

Title: you've got a bad case of being over there, darling (the only cure is being over here)
Fandom: Fringe, Criminal Minds, Flashforward
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss, Janis Hawk/Olivia Dunham
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 10,954
Summary: JAU. Janis Hawk has seen the end of the world. It's Olivia Dunham's job to save it. // She understands now, how just a single person could destroy a whole world.

you've got a bad case of being over there, darling (the only cure is being over here)

Fanart + Fanmixes: here by theagonyofblank