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a circle in the chain - Generation Kill

Title: a circle in the chain
Fandom: Generation Kill
Pairings: Brad/Nate, Poke/OFC, Ray/OFC, Doc Bryan/OFC
Characters: Brad Colbert, Nate Fick, Poke Espera, Ray Person, Doc Bryan, Mike Wynn
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, character death, terrible language
Word Count: 11, 045
Summary: Nate finds himself being dragged into the end of the world and Brad is much, much more than what he seems. Loving Nate Fick will not stop Ragnarok from coming. And Brad Colbert was always a part of that story. And he's not the only one. Mythology AU.
Mix by: kitsunejin!
AN: So the premise of this one is...kind of obvious, actually. Thankyou so much to be cjmarlowe, for being an amazing beta, as always. To chantefable for reading this and commenting, to orlanstamos, light of my life and literary voice of reason. And to gen Kill fandom, for making this kind of shit plausible. Fandom of my heart ♥


By kitsunejin - Bird on a Wire.
Tags: artist: kitsunejin, author: eudaimon
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