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WOWP: Dark Side of Today

Dark Side of Today
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairings: A little Justin/Alex, some Zeke/Harper, hints of T.J./Gigi
Characters: Justin, Alex, Max, Harper, Zeke, T.J., Gigi, Mr. Laritate
Rating: PG-13 (Teen?)
Warnings: Violence, horror, some language, incest, character death, various liberties taken with New York geography (lol, don't kill me!)
Word Count: 26,000 ca.
Summary: A deadly virus outbreak decimates the Wizard World and sweeps through the mortal world, killing those with magic and turning mortals into monsters. Justin and Alex will need to find strength in each other if they and their small band of friends are to survive. “The world might be ending, but all I need is you.”

Masterpost for Dark Side of Today

Fanmix: Hold Our Hands and Fight by the wonderful and talented lone_wo1f 

(My apologies for posting late. I tend to be online in the wee hours of the morning.)   ♥
Tags: author/artist: lone_wo1f, author: lonewonderslove
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