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Spear of Destiny: A Supernatural / Constantine / World Of Darkness Apocalypse Fanfic

Title: Spear of Destiny
Fandoms: Supernatural / Constantine / World of Darkness
Rating: Rish
Pairing(s): Dean/OFC, Sam/Castiel, Lucifer/Michael, Balthazar/Ellie
Word Count: 19,870
Summary: The Spear of Destiny is missing. Heaven, Hell, and some hunters are going to go find it.
Author's Note: I do not own Supernatural, Constantine, or World of Darkness. There are spoilers for the entire Constantine movie and for Supernatural but I'm not sure which season.
Thank Yous: A big thank you to my artist lizfu for her time in creating my art - her art can be found here. Another big thank you to sirwynai for everything she does, including being my beta-er.

Master Post

Chapter I // Chapter II // Chapter III // Chapter IV // Chapter V // Chapter VI //
Chapter VII // Chapter VIII // Chapter XI // Chapter X
Tags: artist: lizfu, author: crescent_gaia
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