October 3rd, 2011

fire song.
  • austen

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Hello, everyone!

It's very nearly that time again, and I apologize to everyone eager to get another round started for apocabigbang.

Due to RL issues, my online presence hasn't been what it used to be, which means my ability to coordinate and/or run another round of this challenge is going to be difficult to manage without some assistance from interested parties. I have one person who's expressed interest so far in helping me to run a third round, but because of the coordination involved and the organization needed (and given the limits I've imposed on myself re: time spent on the internet), I'm hoping to get a couple more people who would also be interested in helping out.

I'm not planning on taking a backseat completely or dropping out of the mod position, but this would take a significant weight off my shoulders as well as ensure that everyone who's interested will be able to have a third round as of this month.

So, if you want to help in an administrative capacity for the third round, comment here and let me know. Comments will be screened.

Once we get enough admins, I'm hoping to open up sign-ups at the start of next week - a little later than last year's round, admittedly, but I know people are eager to get started, so I want to get the ball rolling as soonas possible.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.