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Hello, everyone!

It's very nearly that time again, and I apologize to everyone eager to get another round started for apocabigbang.

Due to RL issues, my online presence hasn't been what it used to be, which means my ability to coordinate and/or run another round of this challenge is going to be difficult to manage without some assistance from interested parties. I have one person who's expressed interest so far in helping me to run a third round, but because of the coordination involved and the organization needed (and given the limits I've imposed on myself re: time spent on the internet), I'm hoping to get a couple more people who would also be interested in helping out.

I'm not planning on taking a backseat completely or dropping out of the mod position, but this would take a significant weight off my shoulders as well as ensure that everyone who's interested will be able to have a third round as of this month.

So, if you want to help in an administrative capacity for the third round, comment here and let me know. Comments will be screened.

Once we get enough admins, I'm hoping to open up sign-ups at the start of next week - a little later than last year's round, admittedly, but I know people are eager to get started, so I want to get the ball rolling as soonas possible.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Space Invaders (Wizards Of Waverly Place)

Title: Space Invaders
Fandom: Wizards Of Waverly Place
Author: amathela
Pairing: Justin/Alex
Word Count: 16,945
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Justin was right. (Of course.) Which sucks for Alex. Especially since it means aliens are now on their way to Earth, and, oh yeah, they want to destroy the world. So, someone should probably stop them? Spoilers up to episode 4:1 - Alex Tells The World.

Part One | Part Two
single post on Dreamwidth | single post on AO3

Art: Covert art, fanmix, and podfic by jesterdala
Fanmix: Aliens Exist by amathela
GK  ↔ emerged from youth wide-eyed

a circle in the chain - Generation Kill

Title: a circle in the chain
Fandom: Generation Kill
Pairings: Brad/Nate, Poke/OFC, Ray/OFC, Doc Bryan/OFC
Characters: Brad Colbert, Nate Fick, Poke Espera, Ray Person, Doc Bryan, Mike Wynn
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, character death, terrible language
Word Count: 11, 045
Summary: Nate finds himself being dragged into the end of the world and Brad is much, much more than what he seems. Loving Nate Fick will not stop Ragnarok from coming. And Brad Colbert was always a part of that story. And he's not the only one. Mythology AU.
Mix by: kitsunejin!
AN: So the premise of this one is...kind of obvious, actually. Thankyou so much to be cjmarlowe, for being an amazing beta, as always. To chantefable for reading this and commenting, to orlanstamos, light of my life and literary voice of reason. And to gen Kill fandom, for making this kind of shit plausible. Fandom of my heart ♥


By kitsunejin - Bird on a Wire.
n3 - amita dark

no fearsome tide: criminal minds/leverage/numb3rs; 15 rated

Title: no fearsome tide
Fandom: Criminal Minds/Leverage/Numb3rs
Rating: 15
Setting/Spoilers: Set post S3 for Leverage, Set post series for Numb3rs, and at some point towards the end of s5 for Criminal Minds (only slight spoilers for all shows).
Pairing(s): Lots hinted at (threesomes. slash. femslash, het) but nothing explicit
Warnings: Character Death, Violence, Dark Themes, mention of miscarriage
Word Count: c15,000
Summary: Sometimes the family the family you’ve made is just as important as the one you were born into. When the world ends, Amita, Hardison and Garcia face a fight to keep their families together and to stay alive.

masterpost at my journal

one: after ,two: amita, three: garcia, four: hardison, five: before

cover by reapertownusa

Doctor Who: Paradoxical Paradox


Title: Paradocical Paradox
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): N/A
Warnings: Spoilers up to and including the Doctor Who Christmas Carol.
Word Count: 10,387
Summary: The first trip in the Tardis after the big bang lands the Doctor and his companions in a pocket dimension where The Year that Never Was is playing out. The Doctor wants to lie low, as letting the Master get his hands on a second Tardis would not be good, but when has the Doctor ever gotten his way?
A/N: Standard Disclaimer applies. Thanks to my beta crescent_gaia and to my artist deadflowers5!

Art by Deadflower5 here

Story by Sirwynai here: Master Post

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
Dalena Love

WOWP: Dark Side of Today

Dark Side of Today
Fandom: Wizards of Waverly Place
Pairings: A little Justin/Alex, some Zeke/Harper, hints of T.J./Gigi
Characters: Justin, Alex, Max, Harper, Zeke, T.J., Gigi, Mr. Laritate
Rating: PG-13 (Teen?)
Warnings: Violence, horror, some language, incest, character death, various liberties taken with New York geography (lol, don't kill me!)
Word Count: 26,000 ca.
Summary: A deadly virus outbreak decimates the Wizard World and sweeps through the mortal world, killing those with magic and turning mortals into monsters. Justin and Alex will need to find strength in each other if they and their small band of friends are to survive. “The world might be ending, but all I need is you.”

Masterpost for Dark Side of Today

Fanmix: Hold Our Hands and Fight by the wonderful and talented lone_wo1f 

(My apologies for posting late. I tend to be online in the wee hours of the morning.)   ♥
Castle - Writer

Spear of Destiny: A Supernatural / Constantine / World Of Darkness Apocalypse Fanfic

Title: Spear of Destiny
Fandoms: Supernatural / Constantine / World of Darkness
Rating: Rish
Pairing(s): Dean/OFC, Sam/Castiel, Lucifer/Michael, Balthazar/Ellie
Word Count: 19,870
Summary: The Spear of Destiny is missing. Heaven, Hell, and some hunters are going to go find it.
Author's Note: I do not own Supernatural, Constantine, or World of Darkness. There are spoilers for the entire Constantine movie and for Supernatural but I'm not sure which season.
Thank Yous: A big thank you to my artist lizfu for her time in creating my art - her art can be found here. Another big thank you to sirwynai for everything she does, including being my beta-er.

Master Post

Chapter I // Chapter II // Chapter III // Chapter IV // Chapter V // Chapter VI //
Chapter VII // Chapter VIII // Chapter XI // Chapter X
parka girl

Memories We Won't Erase - Cycling RPF

Title: Memories We Won't Erase
Fandom: Cycling RPF
Pairing: Alex Carver/Malcolm Rudolph
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is not real, this never happened. I don't know them and this is all fiction. Made up stuff.
Warnings: Minor character death, some violence (zombies, after all).
Word Count: 10276
Summary: Alex and Malcolm are caught at an airport in Switzerland during the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. This is their story.

Part One, Part Two

Mix (tracklist/Cover Art) by fangie_yin
The world is always ending, somewhere

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The world is always ending, somewhere
- a Heroes story -

Author: ryuosen
Artist: davincis_girl
written for apocabigbang  
Genre: Action, Drama, Angst, Scifi, Het, Slash
Rating: R for violence, rape (implied), language, sexual themes, character deaths, suicides
Pairings: SylarxElle, SylarxPeter, ClairexGretchen, MattxDaphne, PeterxSimone
Wordcount: ~26300
All Peter knew since the discovery of his powers was fighting. He predicted the end of the world, destroyed the threat and it was still all in vain. And the source of all death that followed was one he would have least expected. Now he is still fighting, but the reappearance of someone thought gone changes everything.

| Masterpost |
| davincis_girl 's artpost | ← show her appreciation for the gorgeous cover and the icon!!!!

Watchmen: The World Ends With You (R)

Title: The World Ends With You
Fandom: Watchmen
Author: chibifukurou 
Artist: nyargles nyargles 
Rating: R
Warnings: Character Death, Spoilers for the end of Watchmen
Summary: Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level snow stretches far away.

It's five years later and the world peace
is falling apart. It's Eleven minutes to
Midnight again, and this time Adrian won't
be able to give the world a reprieve.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Ao3 | Art